Coming Soon: Preventing Decline Memberships!

Coming Soon: Preventing Decline Memberships!

Within the coming weeks, you will see some big changes to in our ability to reach more people and make a bigger impact on those wanting to add more life to their remaining years. To accomplish this, we will soon be offering two tiers of membership options to help our members slow the progression of age and to live their best life possible. Allow me to introduce the Free Preventing Decline and Preventing Decline + Membership levels.  


Free Preventing Decline Membership

If you're interested in receiving free education on healthy aging within our community via our private social media groups and newsletters, while also enjoying a 20% discount on our incredible Preventing Decline Supplements, this is the option for you. No cost, no obligation, no strings attached, just great information to help you prevent cognitive and physical decline.

Preventing Decline + Membership

However, for those that want to make a bigger commitment through action and expert support to enhance both brain & body health, the Preventing Decline PLUS membership is the best option. For a monthly ($29) or yearly ($299) fee, here’s what our PD+ members receive:

1 free bottle of a Preventing Decline Supplement of their choice.

We already have the best supplements that you already trust… might as well get a bottle as part of our PD+ community, right?! Plus, you will still receive the 20% discount on additional supplements you order after that.

Access to all Preventing Decline Exercise Plans

The Preventing Decline Exercise Plans are scalable movement programs that are designed to be performed at home or while traveling that require minimal equipment. These specific plans are based on the users’ ability that range from vary limited mobility called Build Me Up, all the way to mid-to-high functioning older adults, called Stay Strong. There are over 100 different exercises and stretches across eight different workouts programs!

Foundations of Movement Education

The Foundations of Movement modules explain the principles and teach the theory of how to move correctly before doing any of the Preventing Decline Exercise Plans. There are four modules in total – Strength, Cardiovascular, Flexibility and Balance Training.

Meal Plans and Brain Healthy Recipes

Without proper fuel and nutrient dense food consumption, it will be impossible to help you live your best life and prevent decline. This is why our PD+ members will have access to the evidence-based meal plans and recipes to keep their bodies strong and their brain sharp.

Monthly Virtual Group Calls with Kevin Weston

We don’t want you to go at this alone and building a community of like-minded PD+ members will be vital to your overall success. The monthly group call with Kevin will primarily focus on members’ questions and overcoming the challenges they are sure to face by living a healthier lifestyle. These online meetings help members feel more connected and receive additional health guidance in their journey to prevent decline.

To get started, click on the either one of the membership options below:

Free Preventing Decline Membership

Preventing Decline + Membership

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