If you don't know where you're at, a map won't help. Let us help you understand your fitness baseline to create a customized exercise prescription that's tailored to you.

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  • Patty Bryant

    “Kevin understands the human body and how to maximize it to its full potential. I can’t imagine life without the kind and interesting workouts provided by Kevin!”

  • Dianne Larson

    “Kevin has truly been instrumental in giving me a strong body which allows me to play golf, hike, walk and keep up with a very active 4-year-old grandson.”

  • Jane Jensen

    “With Kevin, I could achieve fitness goals I never thought I could. His ability to find alternate methods to work with my limitations is incredible.”

  • Renae Nanney

    “Being over 60 brings both physical and emotional challenges - both of which Kevin recognizes and addresses holistically."

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