Preventing Decline Member Spotlight: Tim Grogan

Preventing Decline Member Spotlight: Tim Grogan

“If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results.”
-Jack Dixon

For those that personally know Mr. Tim Grogan, you know you don’t just casually meet him. Instead, you experience a dynamic personality who takes his health and quality of life seriously. When I first met Tim in the summer of 2021, he approached me about doing a Functional Fitness Assessment (FFA) and I thought he would be like the typical ‘male over 50’ client looking for the magic pill to regain back his youth and vitality. Boy, was I wrong… but in a good way.

At the time, Tim had just completed an extensive health assessment in Las Vegas, and we agreed to work together to see if we could improve his health metrics and get him to a higher fitness level. Through the course of almost three years, Tim experienced many of the common ups and downs of changing one’s lifestyle. As hard as he worked during our training sessions together, he had to work even harder with his food behaviors, his sleeping patterns, as well as managing his stress that is common in living in a noisy, information overload and chaotic society. He also treated his hearing loss at Hearing Brain Centers of America to lower his risk for cognitive decline. He truly left no stone unturned because he knew that without his health and independence, nothing else really matters.

However, Tim was not immune to the common challenges everyone faces when trying to improve one’s health and his progress was not in any way linear. In fact, I imagine there were many days he probably asked himself, “Why am I doing this?” Nonetheless, the resilience and the strength comes after the struggle.

Fast forward 36 months, Tim completes his 3-year follow-up to his 2021 appointment to gauge his progress. His results are incredible:

  2021 2024 Difference
Body Weight 206.3 201.1 -5.2 lbs.
Fat Mass 65.86 40.15 -25.7 lbs. of fat
Lean Muscle Mass 152.31 161.0 +8.68 lbs. of muscle
Body Fat % 33.4% 20.9% -12.5% body fat


He had lost 5 pounds of body weight by gaining over 8 pounds of muscle and losing almost 26 pounds of body fat for a total body fat percentage loss of 12.5%! Oh, and I forgot to mention, Tim will be turning 70 years young this year!

With 26 pounds of fat that Tim’s body no longer carries around, his blood pressure and resting heart rate were reduced, and his V02 (cardiovascular endurance) measured at 35.5 mL/kg/min, which is excellent for his age group.

As much I want to continue to brag about Tim’s progress since making a promise to himself that he was going to do things differently in 2021, the real purpose of this article is to highlight another factor - that deep down, we all know there’s specific aspects of our health that we need to improve. It could be treating hearing loss, improving your strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, or any other health factor to prevent decline and slow the progression of age. The team at Preventing Decline have the tools & resources to help you.

You see, Tim is much healthier today at almost 70 than he was when he was 67. He has truly added life back into his years.

You can too.

Take the free Preventing Decline Lifestyle Questionnaire and uncover how we can help you too.

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