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What Exactly Is "Preventing Decline?"

The way we look at health and longevity are changing.

You see, aging use to only be about “Stayin Alive” (cue the Bee Gees music), regardless of the methods and its effects on ones' quality of life.

However, this next generation of those 50 years and older are different and changing their tune. They’re not wanting to solely add years to their life at any cost. Rather, they’re wanting to add life to their years with an increased focus on prevention.

This is what Preventing Decline is all about. It isn’t only about increasing your Lifespan. More importantly, it’s about increasing your Healthspan & the quality of your life - cognitively, physically & emotionally.

Our Mission

The mission of Preventing Decline is to protect the brain and body by empowering its members toward optimal health and longevity by slowing the progression of age within these four areas:

Treatment of Hearing Loss 

Both Hearing Loss and Tinnitus are progressive neurodegenerative disorders. The proper treatment of any type of hearing impairment is the most modifiable risk factor one can change to help prevent Cognitive Decline and Dementia. We are the only preventative health organization that partners with Excellence In Audiology to provide education and guidance from a nationally renowned Neuroscientist to help people restore hearing clarity and tinnitus solutions.


The body is designed to move and more importantly, to move with purpose and specificity. Preventing Decline + members are provided evidence-based resources by a recognized Exercise Physiologist to improve their muscular strength, aerobic endurance, flexibility, balance, and stability to lower their risk of a traumatic fall. Falls are the leading cause of injury-related deaths among adults ages 65 and older.

Nutrition & Supplementation

High quality food is fuel for both brain and body. A steady and consistent intake of nutrient dense foods provide the macronutrients, vitamins and minerals needed to help minimize the effects of age. When nutritional needs cannot be fully met through whole foods, Preventing Decline Supplements are a valuable way to provide additional protection to keep our members strong and vibrant.


Humans are social creatures and as such, all people need face-to-face interaction to make connections and build healthy relationships. Preventing Decline seeks to provide its members with opportunities to be part of a vibrant community of like-minded people who share a common desire to live their best life possible. These opportunities include live events, educational symposiums and online webinars that are taught by our Preventing Decline health experts.

In the end, aging is inevitable. But decline is optional. Let us help you live the life you envision and add life back into your years.

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